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Debra A Weaver PhD LLC


Dr. Weaver’s practice offers a wide range of services that include:
• Individual Therapy and Family Psychotherapy
Anxiety/ Depression/Bipolar Treatment
Grief and Bereavement
Child Anxiety/Depression/ADHD/ and Behavioral Issues
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Marriage and Divorce Counseling
Parent/Child Relational Counseling
Trauma-Related Issues and PTSD
Child Abuse/Incest
Adult Sexual Abuse

• Behavioral Medicine
Consultation services to physicians
Psychological issues secondary to medical conditions
Traumatic Brain Injury
Family support and intervention

• Couples Therapy

• Psychoeducational Testing
Attentional Difficulties (ADD/ADHD)
Gifted Intellectual Testing

• Psychological Evaluations
General psychological assessment
Bariatric Surgery
Fitness for Duty

• Domestic Court Ordered Evaluations
Parenting Evaluations (formerly known as Custody Evaluations)
Brief Focused Evaluations
Modification Evaluations
Relocation Evaluations
DCF evaluations

• Forensic Evaluations
Compacity Evaluations
Competency/Sanity (Civil and Criminal)
Juvenile Competency Evaluations
Independent Disability/Injury Evaluations
Expert Testimony
Forensic Consultations with Attorneys
Personal Injury
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